Drywall repair is a common aspect of fixing a crack in the wall. Plaster repair, a bit of attention to the stucco wall, and your home repair job is over. If it was only this simple!

Learn some surefire tips on how to repair a crack in the wall.

The Swindon Plasterer Caveat: These home repair tips fix unsightly cracks in the wall that are a cosmetic nuisance.

If you are trying to learn how to repair a crack in the wall brought on by moderate to severe earthquake damage or possible foundation failings, you will be wise to call in a professional to cure the cause, not mask the symptoms.


Home Repair for Masonry Wall Cracks

Bricks, concrete and limestone may show occasional cracks.

Remove debris with a hard bristle brush. When you are sure that no more loose bits and pieces come out, switch to the paint brush to get rid of dust.

Dip the paint brush into the cup of water and moisten the inside of the crack. Scoop up a glob of cement with the putty knife, apply it to the crack, and smooth it in place.

Protect the cement from moisture, let it dry completely and then paint over the fixed crack.

You need: hard bristle brush, paint brush, cup of water, cement and a putty knife.


Plaster Repair for Minor Cracks

If you have plaster on your walls, home repair is a given.

  • Use a dry paintbrush and clean out the cracks.
  • Visit your local home improvement store and buy fibreglass mesh tape.
  • While you are there, pick up a tub of joint compound as well.
  • Some experts prefer the powdered version that you mix at home with water.
  • Try the tub first, but if the repair work is not to your liking, invest in the more lobar intensive dry mix.
  • Apply fibreglass mesh over the crack. Smooth joint compound with the putty knife over the fibreglass mesh and let the mixture dry.

Repeat until the crack is filled and virtually invisible. It is a good idea to work in thin layers rather than trying to apply a thick glob at the onset. Finally, sand the area to let it blend in with the rest of the plaster wall.

You need: paintbrush, fiberglass mesh, joint compound, putty knife and sandpaper.


Drywall Repair Tips

More often than not, learning how to repair a crack in the wall brings you face to face with drywall.

You will be heartened to learn that drywall repair is virtually identical to plaster repair, except that you do not need to use the fibreglass mesh unless the wall crack involves the seam between two sheets of drywall.

Apply joint compound to the crack in the drywall with a putty knife. If a seam is affected, remove old drywall tape and replace it with fibreglass mesh over which you then smooth the joint compound.

Let the area dry and repeat as often as needed. Sand lightly, so as to let the fix blend in with the rest of the wall.

You need: joint compound, putty knife and sandpaper; fibreglass mesh is optional.


Stucco Wall Crack Repair … Beyond the Scope of Newbies?

As you can see, drywall repair or a crack in the wall that necessitates plaster repair is not that hard to do. A stucco wall – in essence – is also a simple home repair chore, until you get to the artistic aspect of matching your stucco patch to the existing texture.

Clean out the crack with the paint brush. Apply paintable caulk to the crack. Let the caulk dry for about a week and then repeat the step. Mix builder sand in with the last layer of caulk to mimic the appearance of the stucco.

This requires finesse and an artistic flair, which makes it the most time consuming and frustrating aspect of the project.

You need: paint brush, low modulus acrylic caulk, builder sand and plenty of patience.



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