My Thoughts on the Nordstrand 1800W Pro Portable Hand-Held Mixer

For the last year, I’ve been working in masonry construction, and I have spent countless hours mixing concrete using a large, bulky cement mixer. It weighed a ton and had to be rolled around everywhere on the job site. I was new to the line of work and had no idea that there were better options on the market. Until one day my foreman heard me complaining about the mixer and suggested I invested in a newer hand mixer instead of using his old heavy duty equipment.

As soon as I learned that was an option, I started searching online. If you’re also stuck using an older heavy-duty mixer, then you should consider making an upgrade to a newer handheld alternative as well. They are great for mid-viscosity liquids like cement, plaster, glue, and mortar. Their size does limit them to small-to-mid-sized batches, but that is the only real setback.

The Nordstrand 1800W Pro

It took me a few weeks to find a model that I was willing to buy. I read countless online reviews, discussed my options in public forums, and visited retail stores so that I could hold the mixers myself. I finally decided that the Nordstrand 1800W Pro was the right mixer for me. It had the perfect combination of power, features, comfort, and affordability. It was all-around the best option for a mixer of this size and power.

The 1800W motor is powered by plugging it into a standard outlet. There is an adjustable 6-speed thumb switch that makes it easy to control the speed while mixing. The motor itself is reasonably powerful for its size with a potential of 600rpm. The engine and the ease with which the rate can be controlled helped this model stand out from the competition. Some models required adjusting your grip to control the speed or to turn the mixer off. The design of the Nordstrand allowed for effortless control.

It works using a single paddle that is attached to the motor. The paddle has a diameter of 120mm with a maximum effective capacity rated at 30 litres. It’s important to keep this in mind when planning your future projects. If you’re purchasing it for work, then you likely already know how much cement or plaster you’ll be mixing on a regular basis. If you aren’t willing to separate it into 30-litre batches, then you may need to invest in one of their slightly more extensive models.

Nordstrand manufacturers a very similar, but slightly larger model with two paddles capable of mixing more massive loads. I found that this single paddle mixer was more than enough for my regular work. And if you’re purchasing it for jobs around the house, then the 30-litre capacity is more than likely all you will need. The larger model is more cumbersome and not quite as comfortable during extended use.

Comfort was one of the most significant selling points for this model. As someone who has used heavy mixers, jackhammers, and plenty of shovels, I can always appreciate a tool designed with comfort in mind. I spend a lot of time using this mixer on a daily basis, and it doesn’t hurt my back or hands nearly as much as some other tools. It features an ergonomic design with a soft, yet durable hand grip.


  • More affordable than most of the competition.
  • Ergonomic design with a comfortable hand grip.
  • Powerful 1800W 600RPM motor with 6-speed control.


  • Maximum capacity of 30 litres.
  • Power cord could be longer.
Overall, this is one of the best handheld plastering mixers on the market and is worth the investment. If you’re still using an old, uncomfortable mixer, then consider the Nordstrand 1800W a much-needed upgrade.

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