My Review of Refina MM30/2 Mega Mixer

Mixing plaster is not something that I thought about having to do a lot of. However, I quickly found that it is something that is an invaluable skill and if you are hand mixing it, the plaster is nearly impossible to do (unless you’re an experienced pro!).

This was my problem as I had to mix up a lot of plaster in a short period, but never had the chance when I was mixing it with my hand or with a mixing brush as they were not powerful enough and my arm was getting too tired. I knew that I had to find a solution to this and I am sure you will encounter the same issue.

My solution for this was to find a machine that would help in getting the job done faster, but also without my arm wearing out. That is when I decided to look at the Refina Plaster Mixer – “MM30/2 1800w 110v (EIBENSTOCK) Mega Mixer and share what I think about this mixer so you can no longer have the pain of spending hours hand mixing the plaster you need to have only to realise you did not mix enough.

I know after getting the tool, I would have a slight challenge on my hands as I had never used one of these before. However, I quickly found out this tool was one that is reasonably easy to use and unlike some of the information I thought would make this difficult to use it was very easy to use. The critical thing that you have to remember is to control the speed that you are using the tool with or you could end up with a huge mess. Do not ask how I know this, but let’s say plaster is hard to get off of a wood floor!

Now as to what I liked about this tool it is going to be easy for you to see. Outside of the fact that this cuts down on my arm feeling exhausted after mixing the plaster and the job gets done faster.

So what are some of the top features I love with this tool?

– A large motor that is 1800 Watts is going to be a great feature. I know that this is a strong motor and it does not get bogged down when I am mixing up the plaster, and it starts to get thicker.

– With the H frame style that you can have here, it will make it easier for you to have the tool and avoid getting the machine damaged. You know, just like I did that you are going to hit the device on the edge of the container at times. With the way this frame is developed, it prevents the tool from getting damaged.

– The speed control is something else I like with this tool. When I have the speed control, I can get the tool adjusted to the speed that will work for my needs and keep my machine working right.

My Final Thoughts…

  • I don’t care that this tool only has two speeds. The main control is performed by how much pressure you apply to the power button.
  • When you are looking for a less laborious means of mixing your plaster, you may end up like me. That is with a tired arm until you finally find something like this mixer here.
  • In my search for the best plaster mixer, all in all, I have to say I am pleased with the Refina MM30 Mega Mixer because it will certainly make my DIY plastering job a lot easier.

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