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Vitrex MIX1400L Power Mixer Review

Vitrex Mix1400L Review – Using the huge and heavy power mixers has been quite uncomfortable through the years that I have used them. It is impossible to tell you how many pain relievers I have had to take due to using them. Believe it or not, sometimes I would rather use a stick to mix up the concrete if that meant not picking up a big mixer. If you have spent time working in masonry or construction, you may have felt this way, too. Yes, power mixers may be efficient, but they are far from comfortable. The good news is, lightweight and portable mixers have been making their way to the market. At first, I wasn’t too interested in them since I already had a heavy-duty mixer and I didn’t think the new mixers would be able to handle mixing. Thank goodness my wife talked me into investing in one of these mixers and it literally saved my back.

Plaster Mixer ReviewsTool Reviews

My Review of Baylola 1600W Paddle Plaster Mixer

When you want to have a great plaster mixer, then you need to consider the Baylola 1600W 650RPM Paddle Plaster Mixer. This is a mixer that has a variable speed, which makes it a great option for all of your work you need to do. However, at the same time it will be easier for you to have a twin handle that makes it easier for you to hold onto. What else is nice is the fact this has an electric start that makes it easier for you to get the smooth start you need to have for the mixer to work and not splash out.

Plaster Mixer ReviewsTool Reviews

Refina MM30 Mega Mixer Review

Refina MM30/2 Mega Plaster Mixer review – I never thought that I would be doing a great deal of plaster mixing. However, over time I found that my assertions were wrong as, and indeed plaster mixing was an invaluable skill to master. Unfortunately, hand mixing is never easy and in many regards, it is impossible to do unless you are an experienced professional. For me personally, I had to do a lot of plaster mixing in a short time span. I quickly realized that I could not achieve high quality plaster mixes in sufficient quantity by mixing with the brush or hand as they were not powerful enough. Furthermore, my hands would get too tired. With this experience, I knew I had to find a new solution for plaster mixing. I am certain you will experience the same issues and you can benefit from my experience.


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